Frequently Asked Question

The most common questions about how our business works and what can do for you.

What is username
It is the unique human friendly id for the user. You need to have one to get discovered.
How specific my location have to be
You decide it. You can be as specific as a landmark near you or as broad as your town. It is better if you are more specific
How do I change my profile Picture
In your mypofile page, click on the picture and select 'make profile picture' button
How can't I delete a picture
Profile picture cannot be deleted. Please set another photo as profile picture and then delete the photo
My profile isn't showing up in the discovery yet
You need to have basic information filled with your profile picture and location to get a seat in discovery. Even if the criteria if met, it may take upto 24hrs to get your profile in discovery. Relax.
How to format Social Links
Every social network has a unique Id for you. Your profile URL has that. You have to paste that. Even if you paste the entire link we are smart enough to extract what we want. Just paste the url
What is this all about
This is a platform that connects people in media. Currently we are in beta. Soon we will be stable with more features updated on a regular basis. Signup and share with people you know.
How do I report a bug?
You can send a mail to team@littleshows.com