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It is a condition of use of this Website and the Services that a User will not post any Prohibited Content as set out below. Defined terms have the same meaning as set out in our terms and conditions.

A User will not:

Any Content which includes any of the Content above is Prohibited Content. We may, in our absolute discretion, deem any other Content not listed in clause 1 to be Prohibited Content.

LITTLESHOWS reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate action against anyone who, in our opinion, is in breach of this Agreement, and in particular, provides Prohibited Content. Such action includes, but is not limited to, reporting the Prohibited Content and the User’s details to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, removing the Prohibited Content from our Website and terminating the User’s Membership.

We reserve the right to terminate access to our Website and our Services if a User is, in our absolute discretion, deemed to be a Repeat Infringer. If a User believes that posted Content contains Prohibited Content, please complete our Notification of Alleged Breach of the Prohibited Content Policy Form available here.

Upon receipt of a completed Notification Form, we will adopt the procedure as set out below: We will consider the notification within 48 hours of receipt. We will assume that the complaint is justified unless it is manifestly frivolous or lacking in merit.

If we consider the complaint to be justified, we will remove the Content from the Website and will raise the complaint with the User.

If we consider the complaint not to be justified, we will raise the complainant’s complaint with the User but will not remove the Content from the Website. We will inform the Complainant of our reasons for keeping the Content posted.

If a User is alerted to a complaint by us via email, the User will have 7 days to respond to the complaint. If the User does not respond to a complaint, we will remove the Content from the Website.

If the User considers the complaint to be without merit, the User must respond to the complaint within 7 days and give his or her reasons. Such response will be forwarded by LITTLESHOWS to the complainant. The complainant will then be able to decide whether the matter is resolved or whether the complainant wishes to pursue alternative dispute resolution or take the matter to the courts.