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Showcase your work among some of the best short films across India and get the chance to win

  • ₹15,000

  • every month.

I have read the Terms and Conditions

The new films available between 1-5 will be applicable for the monthly "People's Choice contest". Jury Awards don't have any limit.


One Film can participate in the contest only once


If a film is submitted for contest after 5th, it will be applicable for contesting for people's choice only the next month.

LS Jury Award

INR 7,500

People's Choice Award

INR 7,500

Submission Criteria

Entry categories -

  • 1. Short Film - A maximum length of 20min
  • 2. Music Videos - No restrictions on time
  • 3. Independent film - A Minimum length of 20min

Any and all submissions should refrain from “extremely” offensive or pornographic material and if any such content deemed necessary, they should be completely censored by the owner before entry. The individual placing the entry should either own the content or have the required distribution license and should not be plagiarizing/in direct conflict with any other content/source. All submissions must be presented in their original languages and regardless of language all entries must have attached subtitles (english).

Final criteria - a minimum of five participants in the project must be registered on “Little Shows” prior to the submission to consider the entry valid, and in case of fewer than five participants, the team is required to make it clear through the opening/end title sequence in respective entries.

Free Entry

A remarkable opportunity at your fingertips, and thihi. The top tier submissions will be featured on the website and additionally, the entries that fall under the category of “Critic Choice”, “Viewer Choice”, “Entry of the Month” and few others get special accreditation to show praise and the final winner of every month will also receive a prize worth ₹15,000.

How do we showcase the entries?

We at Little Shows invite few renowned critics to grade your work through screening and once reviewed, the selected entries are posted on the website along with the previous “Entry of the Month’ and these entries will never be removed from the site and hence providing you a permanent platform. And the select few will be further pushed for various festivals and screening creating a wider critic audience.

How long does it take to review individual entries?

The review may take about 10 days, and in case of change in circumstance; the participants will receive a mail regarding the matter and regardles every registered member will get a mail post review.

Does every entry guarantee a feature?

No. but the majority of the entries get a temporary feature, meaning, the ones that have passed the first screening. We showcase the best entries which include “Viewers choice” etc, for a long period of time and the winners of every month get a permanent feature. All the above conclusions are reached through critical judgement based on screenplay, direction, production, performances and other key aspects.

Can one submit the same work they’ve submitted to other festivals?

Yes, of course you can. Your entries will be private and every participant will be notified before sharing of their content for permission purposes. So, you don’t have to worry about privacy. All our collective entries/content we receive are under a private server and they are exclusively used for private screening for review, and posting content n the website takes place after your sanction and other necessary procedure.

Are Private Links accepted?

Yes, you can share a private link with us. For Vimeo links with a password, please add the respective password next to the link in the form. Private links are only for internal reviewing purposes and won't be shared anywhere publicly and they will not be playable on the website.

Any Language restriction?

There are no language restrictions at Little Shows. One major rule is that the entries must have attached subtitles(english) to every entry.

Ownership of content

We only review and showcase your content. We have zero ownership of the films you submit. It remains a property of the creator. If your entry has been selected and showcased on our platform, you can contact us if you want it removed in the future.

Details on notification

You will be notified every step of the way. You’ll be notified if you’re not nominated. However after nomination, only filmmakers who progress to next levels will be notified. You’ll be notified if there are special screenings and/or before showcasing your content in any of our platforms.