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Who we are?


“Short film yeduthu enna kilika pora? “ which in English translates “ what are you going to achieve by making short films?” In an epic monologue cum two hour lecture by a professor of wireless communication during our college days was the driving force behind this initiative to start LittleShows.


Founded in the year 2013 LittleShows is an organization that is dedicated to save walls, pages and update spaces in a social networking site from a desperate short filmmaker’s spamming in order to seek recognition and Publicity. In other words this is an organization that attempts to promote talent lingering around the less noticed world of short filmmaking in tech savvy and a spam free method! We quench a short filmmaker’s talent acquisition + talent display needs and help the short filmmaker meet his/her set of audience.

Core Purpose and value:

From Promotion to Recognition we stand with every short filmmaker / customer.

Customer – centric:

LittleShows is an organization that is customer centric in other words an organization that is owned by you and not by our stockholders. This allows us to focus solely on customer needs and not worry about shareholder expectations. Customer owned? So does it mean I get direct shares in profits? Yes! And the best part is you can mortgage our organization’s shares to buy yourself a new car!! That’s great! Are you serious? No! Refer to Definition of customer owned


Customer owned:

By this we mean this organization strives on the inputs from its customer and tunes its business strategy and services to needs of its customer.

What we do?

Screening and Promotion:

Regular public screenings are held in theatres across Tamil Nadu and at our custom made website: for short filmmakers seeking limelight. Short films are promoted through appropriate advertisements ranging from print to electronic media that include Television & radio advertisements, Print media advertisements, promotions in social networking domain, Banners and posters.

LittleShows Awards:

An yearly award function that facilitates and recognizes short film talent where a celebrity jury judge every short film entry on different categories. A must attend event for a short film buff.

Ratings By critics:

Subject your short film to reviews from movie critics belonging to the world of Cinema through an exclusive section built for them in our web portal and during the discussion sessions held at the time of public screening.

Profile Pages:

Tried building profile pages on social networking sites? Try building one on our website too! Build your profile on our website in the profile page section which will act as a gateway for Movie producers / Moviemakers seeking fresh talent.

Equipment Rental:

Looking for a 7D camera? Or a dolly Or lighting equipment . Litteshows has them all. Rent all the equipment and accessories required to enhance the quality of your short film. One stop to rent all you need is here!

Location Scouting:

" I tired shooting a busy bazaar scene in the suburbs of Thaygaraja Nagar and ended up getting mugged and damaged my equipment! " To troubleshoot such issues and help you find an exquisite locations for your film our location managers come handy! Discover and venture to locations that will make your film picturesque.


‘Sitting through boring lectures during our college days has made us master the art of sleeping with our eyes open’ Little shows brings to you lecture- demonstration sessions and workshops on various aspects of film making. You may not make a Christopher Nolan or a Bala at the end of this workshop but you will end up staying awake through the entire session. We guarantee that!


Littleshows offers every filmmaker to choose his/her right kind of cast with the needed skill set. Take a look at the profiles of the actors, models and technicians you need to make your dream film. Screen and cast the one’s you need.

LittleShows Production:

You have a Cast, script, and a passion to make a short film and not the cash to make it? Littleshows production is your anytime money. Littleshows production aims to promote and produce scripts that are worthy and need assistance.