How to get short film reach through Facebook and LittleShows

              Have you ever wondered why a post you’ve shared on FaceBook hasn’t gotten the response or reach to audience that you had expected? Well, this is a problem that most of us face. We share our short film through our FaceBook profiles and usually only reaches to the people on our friends list. LittleShows is here to explain you why this is the case.

              FaceBook is a free social networking site in which you can connect with your peers and follow pages you like and are interested in. Ever wondered how FaceBook makes money out of this? The ad’s you see on your newsfeed which are mentioned as “sponsored” is how they make a lot of money. Basically when you want to get your short film to the large public, you’ve ought to publicize it through sharing it as an ad. We will now explain you the two scenarios.

  • Sharing on FaceBook without spending money

                            This is when you share your project through your profile. The people on your friends list will be able to view your post and “like, comment or share” it. When this happens, the friends of the person who has liked, commented or shared it, will also be able to view your project as it would be seen on their respective newsfeed (or basically how we know what our friends are up to on the social networking site). Now you might think that this is fantastic as it not only reaches your friends but also their friends, this is where FaceBook’s cunning-ness comes to play. On an average there are over 1500 different stories on your newsfeed at any given point of time, be it status updates, photos/video’s, check-in’s etc. What happens through this is that a lot of posts are often ignored and not shown on the newsfeed. Another perspective is that your friend who may have liked, commented or shared our post might have changed his “privacy” settings from the default to something he/she is more comfortable with. This may also include hiding his/her activity to be viewed by their friends (possibly to avoid stalkers). 

  • Sharing on FaceBook by spending money

                            By using FaceBook’s ad’s services, you can pay a defined amount of money to FaceBook so that your post/project can have massive reach. Your post/project will be shown on random people’s newsfeed and will be mentioned as a sponsored ad. As you know, everything has its pros and cons. In this case the reach is a massive pro but there are quite a few cons. Namely, your post/project might not reach your target audience but instead to random audience. Due to a large number of sponsored ad’s, FaceBook may not be able to showcase your post/project as the main on but instead keep is as the 2nd, 6th, 30th so on and so forth. Your money may not even be properly utilized in this case.

 Now that you have realized how sharing works, you might be wondering why were are talking about all this. We are always here to help your with your project and make sure no talent is overlooked.

How does LittleShows overcomes this ??

              We have a system known as CLAPS for short films, profiles etc. About 90% of our members log into our website using their FaceBook profiles and CLAP for their favorite content. What this does is make a post with their consent on their wall stating that they have CLAPPED. This reaches to their friends and so on. In addition to this, since our brand name is used, the reach is higher, primarily with the help of FaceBook api. The point that we are trying to convey to our audience is that, by using our CLAPS system, your project can gain more response than a simple FaceBook post. LittleShows will also promote quality content through its social media.

Now you may question us on how different our methods are from a FaceBook ad. Well, first of all, our CLAPS method is FREE. Our posts are not hidden on newsfeeds and can attain attention of fast scrolling user as we incorporate a variety of visual stimulates.

Having said the above stuffs.. We would like to substantiate with evidence.

Kuttimaa short film submitted for LittleShows Short Film Awards 2014, won People’s Choice Award by receiving maximum claps.

This Short flick received 1131 Claps from date of submission 4-April to 21-June and below is the evidence from youtube analytics, 2503 times the film played on littleshows.com which is of 40,426 Minutes duration.


Kuttimaa Short Film YouTube Analytics report


Thank you Ganesh Kumar Mohan for providing this data.

Now go ahead and try our CLAPS method and see your project gain more attention than ever before. Try it to believe it!